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My name is  SALMANUL FARIS. I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist in Calicut and Kannur, Kerala. Who specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow their enterprises successfully and favorably. moreover I’m a passionate digital marketing freelancer.

I am a digital marketing freelancer that can provide services like SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING, WEB DESIGN, CONTENT CREATION, and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING to reach large audiences through digital platforms. As a digital marketing strategist that I can find a solution to your concerns.

I have a degree in bachelor of commerce from Kannur university. currently, I am enrolled in the digital marketing course from CDA. and I am based in Calicut and Kannur, Kerala. but I would like to take work from all over the world.  I can share my branding knowledge and skills with you. I believe that will definitely assist you in achieving your goals.


Digital marketing is the implementation of marketing strategies through online platforms. The digital market have  so many platforms to promote products and services. including search engines, websites, social media, and others that can be used to engage with both present and potential clients. it helps to  you to global reach audience and focus on customers who are most likely to buy your products and services.

           The appropriate audience connection at the right time and the right place has always been the secret to effective marketing. Because consumers spend so much time on screens these days, the best place to meet them is online. . Businesses all across the world are taking advantage of this fact. They are using effective techniques to make their marketing more likely to be viewed by consumers and result in sales. 


The digital marketplace is a very competitive platform and the fastest-growing sector. a businessman can not lead a successful business organization without a digital marketing strategist. because only an efficient strategy can help your business to succeed. a well-thought  digital marketing freelancer can know the best way to achieve your business goals. he can help you to planning, developing, implementing and managing all digital marketing strategy  . a freelance digital marketing strategist can find out the dynamics of the digital market place including customer behaviors, competitors, and customer profiles and he makes a well strategy to achieve your goal


Traditional marketing more expensive than digital marketing approaches. Limited advertising space is available on platforms including print, television, and radio, and because of the high cost of operating these platforms as well as the absence of available space, advertising placements are frequently quite expensive.

Digital marketing gives report at on time and You can help evaluate whether your efforts are progressing your targets or whether they have stalled and required improvement by watching your results over time.

Digital marketing mainly focusing increasing believability of the business details given by a brand, which demands that customers think the brand and willingness to consistently fulfil commitments made.

Digital marketing gives businesses a chance to offer interactive information, interact with customers, and answer their questions. Customers like it when brands pay attention to them and respond to their concerns. They prefer business that value their opinion. So, you can effectively communicate with potential customers and build your relationship and reputation with the assistance of social media management and marketing.

Digital Marketing helps to increase more profits more than traditional marketing approaches. Any type of business that uses digital marketing to reach its customers online and wants to become profitable will eventually reap the rewards.

Digital Marketing  makes it simple to follow the growth of your marketing initiatives in real-time. You may track statistics like click-through rates, page views, and ad clicks with the use of various data and analytics.

It allows you to instantly increase your impact and income by reaching existing communities by using  a strategists  expertise and the authority of other influencers.


A well-designed website that can interact with its visitors is referred to as web design. I can assist you in developing a website that is pertinent to your business and interests.

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is used to increase the visibility of a website on search engine result pages. SEM refers to paid search Ad campaigns such as Google Ads.

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses the power of well-known social media platforms to assist you in achieving your branding and marketing objectives. improving and sustaining your social media profiles

Most people in today’s online world rely on Google or other search engines to find information. As a result, optimizing your company’s or service’s search engine ranking is a sound business strategy. I can help you rank your website, and getting organic is a long-term strategy that every brand needs. LET’S GET THIS Campaign Started!

A platform for internet advertising that Google offers is called Google Ads. Where advertisers used to show web users advertisements, services, offers, product lists, and so on. It can place ads on search engines as well as non-search websites and mobile apps.

I can assist you in attracting, engaging, and retaining your audience through the process of content marketing. The process of creating, publishing, and distributing relevant, concise, and valuable content to attract a targeted audience is known as content marketing. LET’S GET Such Campaign Started!

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